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I think it’s safe to say…

I am an addict. Yes I’ve not been playing World of Warcraft since October and yes i haven’t blogged about it since before then… but seriously, it’s all I can think about while my wonderful boyfriend is writing his music.

 Especially since that’s where we met 😀

At the beginning of last summer, a gnome named Plop joined the Exclusives, while i was playing on one of my numerous alts. This is because I had joined Soul Haven on my main at the time and well, I’d gotten a bit sick of raiding and wanted to hide out for a while. Plop and I got talking and became very close friends and soon enough we “hooked up”. I moved back to the Exclusives because I missed my friends and I generally could not be bothered raiding and wasn’t really getting along with people. Plop and I decided we should meet, so I travelled from the lovely town of Balloch to Thirsk, North Yorkshire to visit him for a week, which turned into two weeks. I fell in love with him. His charm, his kindness and his all-round good looks ^-^Now I live with Plop and I am the happiest girl alive 😀 (or so I like to think :p) *chuffed*

So since I moved in we have just been making the most of spending all of our time together, until we both get jobs. Also, since we’re both unemployed we’ve both not been playing WoW and I have really missed it, my friends and my family (the Exclusives). So as soon as my cheque has cleared from my Birthday I shall be returning to WoW for a bit 😀 I won’t be going back to my main however, I shall be returning to one of my lower characters and grinding my way to 80 and learning all over again 😀

I thank you for taking time to read this ramble of a post and I shall hopefully see some of you in game soon enough 🙂

Bye for now xx


Think Think Think!

I sooo should have update this 2 months ago! 😐

Got a whole list of things I’ive been up to. Generally leveling the numerous alts I now have. Keep making new ones because friends want someone to level with :p

Main thing is… Death Knight Raeg is now 80th and almost defence capped 😀 Although i’ve been tanking heroics already, having so much fun with her. Spent the money I had saved up for epic flying for Kiaara on the crafted epics for Raeg. Was definetly worth it! 🙂

Oh and I’ve been DPSing Naxx 25 instead of healing it 😐 I love Dual Spec! Tried to heal Ulduar on the day of the patch and it kept crashing so we’re leaving it for a little while. I’m enjoying Naxx though, having so much fun with the guild I’ve been going with… I still refuse to leave The Exclusives though. (Sorry Kyp!)

I promise to try and keep you updated more often, it is getting close to exam time in Uni though now! Don’t hate me, please. :p

It’s been a while…

… since my last blog post. I guess I’ve just been lazy and waiting for something interesting to write about. Well I have it!

My Guild are awesome! Yet I cannot write a thing while I am online due to too many distractions. Like tonight, one minute we’re being asked if we bought the new Prodigy album and we’re all singing Aqua songs. <.<

“I’m a barbie girl, in a Barbie world, it’s like plastic, it’s fantastic…” -Holds gun to head-

WE HAVE OVER 300 MEMBERS NOW!!! I have a feeling Digitalis has been bouncing up and down inside. 😉

On to a more serious note though.

Friday consisted of Obsidum Sanctum 10 man (First time ever :-D). A couple of people kept disconnecting, including me, before the first boss. It was really funny when I managed to log back in, after disconnecting, to find everyone nekkid. xD (Ok, so that wasn’t very serious but it was amusing :-p)

Nakedness caused by disconnecting!

Nakedness caused by disconnecting!

We wiped on the last boss, because the raid leader failed to tell me about the lava walls. <.< Once everyone knew the tactics it was a smooth fight and I have learned a new love for Restoration Shamans (<3 Chain Heal). I spent most of my Emblems of Heroism on a necklace which is quite nice. ^^

Saturday was a day of levelling horde characters and heroics. Wraigth and I got our Blood Elves up to level 10 while Nessa  got hers up to 24. I also did some quests on my Death Knight, Raeg.

Woot! Go me :p

Woot! Go me :p

Later we pulled together a group with a couple of DPS and did Heroic Halls of Stone, which was the daily heroic. With great difficukty due to frame rate issues. We got there in the end though. Then we did Heroic Utguard Keep and Violet Hold. This was way after midnight and we still managed to do each within 45 minutes. =]

Hate hate hate Halls of Stone!

Hate hate hate Halls of Stone!

I managed to get my 100th Stonekeeper Shard too! 😀

77 shards left to spend on nothing =/

Just need 133 more for shoulders for my mage! 😀

Sunday was farming Northrend herbs, flying around in my slow flight form. The reason for this… Pennies for my epic flight form. -sigh- This was after finally getting Raeg to level 63. 🙂 I also helped Nessa and Wraigth with the Ring of Blood quests in Nagrand (only the last fight though). Then it was off to heal Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

Considering I have generally been lazy this weekend… I’ve actually done quite a lot. Healing pre-TBC raids and doing heroics. It’s been an action packed weekend… and I wasn’t even supposed to be playing. (It was my father’s birthday on Sunday :-p)

Note: This is an edit of the original post because I couldn’t sort out the tiny hiccups within the original.

The 6th Screenshot

So Faulsey tagged me to put up my sixth screenshot which is in my sixth folder, se here it is…

Funnily enough, this was in my random folder too. If you look at the shadow on the rocks, you’ll see that it looks like a person when infact it is the tree. This amused me somewhat, so I had to take a screenshot xD

Death Knight Madness

I have had two Death Knights so far. I had a Night Elf called Kaso who I totally messed up by changing her gear far too early. So I deleted her and made a Blood Elf with the same name.

Note to Kazura: I like to keep things simple, thank you =]

I made the Blood Elf with some friends because we were going to level together, make a guild and actually play them a lot now that we are all in our 70s- 80. However, they deleted theirs without warning (I noticed because Kaso’s friends list only had one character on it.)

So as you can guess, I deleted her too. Now I am back to Alliance with a Draenei called… wait for it… Raeg! xD

Smexy Death Knight.

Smexy Death Knight.

I asked on Twitter for some names for her since I was kind of sick of using Kiaora, Kaso, Zazu, in any way, shape or form. Seconds after I posted the request… Faulsey replied with “Raeg!”. So I typed it in and it was free! So now I have a beautiful Death Knight called Raeg who is currently leveling in Helfire Peninsula and at level 60. She will be staying, no more Death Knights for me for now on, I promise! :p

Note to Kazura again: Get your butt on Aruzak tonight and we’ll get a group for Ramps! =]

Rep grinding…

 … is tedious work and pretty much what I spend half my life doing these days. Spent about alf an hour doing lowbie quests in Bloodmyst for Exodar rep when I got in from Uni yesterday. Will be doing more of that today, I will get my Elekk! Then it’s off to get Ironforge and Gnomregan rep. -sigh-

I did help Faulsey get his Belt and Legs for Ellaria on Sunday though (which was unbelievably funny). On that subject, I think it was the third time we downed the Maker when it dropped a libram and Faulsey could not contain his contempt for him any longer…

Lightning emphasises Ellaria's RAEG!!!

Lightning emphasises Ellaria's RAEG!!!

Ellaria's RAEG!!!

Ellaria is not a Paladin!

Finally, after coming up with the plan of actually bringing Faulsey to clear the way to the boss quicker, the Maker finally dropped the belt and then the Watchkeeper also dropped the legs… first try! I think the words “Kiss my ass!” came at this point along with the very fitting rude gesture from Ellaria :p

Monday night I finally got friendly with the Bloodsail Bucaneers and did the quest for my achievement. Woot! I am now Bloodsail Admial Kiaara! It started off as a group thing with Nessa and Wraigth, but with my connection being cut at midnight most nights and being at Uni most days, Nessa got hers first, then Wraigth and then finally me.


 Bloodsail Admirals Kiaara, Wraigth and Nessa.

Bloodsail Admirals Kiaara, Wraigth and Nessa.

The pirates invade Stormwind!

The pirates invade Stormwind!

Finally did Heroic violet hold yesterday and got the achievement, woot! I respecced back to Resto first of course. Also got myself some feral trousers from doing the -key quest- and won the greed roll for some spellcaster cuffs so very pleased. 😀

Hip hip, Hurray!

Hip hip, Hurray!

 Later we attempted Nexus heroic… wiped so many times on trash because of a 16k crit whirlwind stunning and killing me =/ So we gave up… I will attempt it again at a later date when I have better gear.

 And there’s the typical semi-nekkid (Just a tabard) dancing on the Stormwind fountain along with Digitalis’ alts, Shamanax’s bank alt and the wonderful Pillan. =]

 Apart from the insanity that takes place on the server, that’s it for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this post! =]

Yesterday’s Events

Just a short post today to summarise what happened yesterday. Basically, it was a day full of fun and games. =]

I managed to get Kasouken into her 36th season yesterday. This was after she escorted Karmesh, from the guild, to Ravenholdt Manor for the Dangerous Love quest line. He helped her out with a couple of Wanted! Quests to get her there quicker and took her through Scarlet Monastery which I am very grateful for.

Then just as she reached 36th, Kiaara received an invite to heal in the daily Heroic which was Culling of Stratholme, woot! Luckily, it’s the easiest heroic she’s ever been to, so her lack of epic gear did not matter. Kiaara managed to collect enough Emblems of Heroism in order to get herself a new Idol too. =] This was quite a fun run, having Wraigth and Nessa there too. Three Druids, three different Specs. (Wraigth was feral and Nessa was Balance.)

Kiaara took Wraigth through Ramparts on his Death Knight last night. Then she took him back, with a little help from Karmesh on his Death Knight, this time though, she respecced to feral, digging out her old gear (brushed the dust and cobwebs off first, of course :P).  

 Feral Spec Deadraffy

Then, the early hours of this-morning Wraigth offered to take Aruzak and Ellaria through the Ramparts. So Kiaara tagged along as feral (big mistake, should have gone back to resto.) Wraigth was Boomkin tanking which was funny because Kiaara could barely keep him alive with her Healing Touch and Nourish :p Aruzak died on the first boss due to my lack of healing. Then Wraigth ran through the mobs at the top, just before the last two bossed, with starfall, pulling the whole lot! He died of course :p So I took over in bear form, but unfortunately Ellaria died too, but (I still do not know how) resurrected herself.

I am thinking of going tank/resto when duel spec is available. Will cost me a lot of gold, which means putting epic flight off for even longer. We’ll see what happens, but I am building a feral set of gear along with my resto set.