Rep grinding…

 … is tedious work and pretty much what I spend half my life doing these days. Spent about alf an hour doing lowbie quests in Bloodmyst for Exodar rep when I got in from Uni yesterday. Will be doing more of that today, I will get my Elekk! Then it’s off to get Ironforge and Gnomregan rep. -sigh-

I did help Faulsey get his Belt and Legs for Ellaria on Sunday though (which was unbelievably funny). On that subject, I think it was the third time we downed the Maker when it dropped a libram and Faulsey could not contain his contempt for him any longer…

Lightning emphasises Ellaria's RAEG!!!

Lightning emphasises Ellaria's RAEG!!!

Ellaria's RAEG!!!

Ellaria is not a Paladin!

Finally, after coming up with the plan of actually bringing Faulsey to clear the way to the boss quicker, the Maker finally dropped the belt and then the Watchkeeper also dropped the legs… first try! I think the words “Kiss my ass!” came at this point along with the very fitting rude gesture from Ellaria :p

Monday night I finally got friendly with the Bloodsail Bucaneers and did the quest for my achievement. Woot! I am now Bloodsail Admial Kiaara! It started off as a group thing with Nessa and Wraigth, but with my connection being cut at midnight most nights and being at Uni most days, Nessa got hers first, then Wraigth and then finally me.


 Bloodsail Admirals Kiaara, Wraigth and Nessa.

Bloodsail Admirals Kiaara, Wraigth and Nessa.

The pirates invade Stormwind!

The pirates invade Stormwind!

Finally did Heroic violet hold yesterday and got the achievement, woot! I respecced back to Resto first of course. Also got myself some feral trousers from doing the -key quest- and won the greed roll for some spellcaster cuffs so very pleased. 😀

Hip hip, Hurray!

Hip hip, Hurray!

 Later we attempted Nexus heroic… wiped so many times on trash because of a 16k crit whirlwind stunning and killing me =/ So we gave up… I will attempt it again at a later date when I have better gear.

 And there’s the typical semi-nekkid (Just a tabard) dancing on the Stormwind fountain along with Digitalis’ alts, Shamanax’s bank alt and the wonderful Pillan. =]

 Apart from the insanity that takes place on the server, that’s it for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this post! =]


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  1. I can’t believe you posted the RAEG thing! >.<

    (Lightning is better for RAEG cause I was spamming water shield after the boss to emphasis my RAEG. I then realised lightning was angrier.)

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