Death Knight Madness

I have had two Death Knights so far. I had a Night Elf called Kaso who I totally messed up by changing her gear far too early. So I deleted her and made a Blood Elf with the same name.

Note to Kazura: I like to keep things simple, thank you =]

I made the Blood Elf with some friends because we were going to level together, make a guild and actually play them a lot now that we are all in our 70s- 80. However, they deleted theirs without warning (I noticed because Kaso’s friends list only had one character on it.)

So as you can guess, I deleted her too. Now I am back to Alliance with a Draenei called… wait for it… Raeg! xD

Smexy Death Knight.

Smexy Death Knight.

I asked on Twitter for some names for her since I was kind of sick of using Kiaora, Kaso, Zazu, in any way, shape or form. Seconds after I posted the request… Faulsey replied with “Raeg!”. So I typed it in and it was free! So now I have a beautiful Death Knight called Raeg who is currently leveling in Helfire Peninsula and at level 60. She will be staying, no more Death Knights for me for now on, I promise! :p

Note to Kazura again: Get your butt on Aruzak tonight and we’ll get a group for Ramps! =]


2 Responses

  1. Aye aye captain, tonight oui? I was gonna PUG for HoL and Gundrak but i guess we can go on our DK for a while =] x

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