Think Think Think!

I sooo should have update this 2 months ago! 😐

Got a whole list of things I’ive been up to. Generally leveling the numerous alts I now have. Keep making new ones because friends want someone to level with :p

Main thing is… Death Knight Raeg is now 80th and almost defence capped 😀 Although i’ve been tanking heroics already, having so much fun with her. Spent the money I had saved up for epic flying for Kiaara on the crafted epics for Raeg. Was definetly worth it! 🙂

Oh and I’ve been DPSing Naxx 25 instead of healing it 😐 I love Dual Spec! Tried to heal Ulduar on the day of the patch and it kept crashing so we’re leaving it for a little while. I’m enjoying Naxx though, having so much fun with the guild I’ve been going with… I still refuse to leave The Exclusives though. (Sorry Kyp!)

I promise to try and keep you updated more often, it is getting close to exam time in Uni though now! Don’t hate me, please. :p


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