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Yesterday’s Events

Just a short post today to summarise what happened yesterday. Basically, it was a day full of fun and games. =]

I managed to get Kasouken into her 36th season yesterday. This was after she escorted Karmesh, from the guild, to Ravenholdt Manor for the Dangerous Love quest line. He helped her out with a couple of Wanted! Quests to get her there quicker and took her through Scarlet Monastery which I am very grateful for.

Then just as she reached 36th, Kiaara received an invite to heal in the daily Heroic which was Culling of Stratholme, woot! Luckily, it’s the easiest heroic she’s ever been to, so her lack of epic gear did not matter. Kiaara managed to collect enough Emblems of Heroism in order to get herself a new Idol too. =] This was quite a fun run, having Wraigth and Nessa there too. Three Druids, three different Specs. (Wraigth was feral and Nessa was Balance.)

Kiaara took Wraigth through Ramparts on his Death Knight last night. Then she took him back, with a little help from Karmesh on his Death Knight, this time though, she respecced to feral, digging out her old gear (brushed the dust and cobwebs off first, of course :P).  

 Feral Spec Deadraffy

Then, the early hours of this-morning Wraigth offered to take Aruzak and Ellaria through the Ramparts. So Kiaara tagged along as feral (big mistake, should have gone back to resto.) Wraigth was Boomkin tanking which was funny because Kiaara could barely keep him alive with her Healing Touch and Nourish :p Aruzak died on the first boss due to my lack of healing. Then Wraigth ran through the mobs at the top, just before the last two bossed, with starfall, pulling the whole lot! He died of course :p So I took over in bear form, but unfortunately Ellaria died too, but (I still do not know how) resurrected herself.

I am thinking of going tank/resto when duel spec is available. Will cost me a lot of gold, which means putting epic flight off for even longer. We’ll see what happens, but I am building a feral set of gear along with my resto set.