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I promised you I would provide profiles for my most played characters as listed on my previous blog… so here they are =]



So you know that Kiaara is a Resto Druid in her 80th season. What you don’t know is that she is a Herbalist and an Enchanter (Not Alchemist any more). Her Enchanting is at level 8/75 at the moment. Got bored of Alchemy. She needs to go to the Deadmines and Stockades to get lots of items to Disenchant now. I am quite pelase with her progress though, since I accidently dropped herbalism at one point, to take on inscription –giggles at her stupidity- Well, she got there in the end, Grand Master Herbalist and is now at skill level 450/450. Now just to get that Enchanting up and she’ll be able to enchant her gear instead of spending tons of gold on Abyss Crystals.


Kiaara (OJ)


Kasouken is a Human Mage in her 46th season. She also resides on the Dragonblight (EU) server. Kasouken was supposed to be my main character, but I went through a period where I got so bored of dying every three seconds that I gave up and made my druid. However, since Kiaara reached her 80th season, I have been spending a little more time with Kasouken. She is an Enchanter and a Tailor, which is very useful when you are a mage (she can stay alive much better from enchanting her gear). Kasouken has been a Frost mage since her 10th season, freezing enemies to the ground and throwing frost bolts at them from a few yards away. I hope to get Kasouken to her 80th season as soon as possible so that she can do some northrend instances. Kasouken will be making her Flying Carpet in no time! –smiles-



Zázú is a Draenei Priest in her 16th season also residing on the Dragonblight (EU) server. She is a Shadow Priest but still uses a lot of Smite at the moment for killing her enemies. Zázú is a miner and engineer, using her materials from nodes to create bombs, target dummies and FLYING GOGGLES! –laughs- (flying goggles are so cool!).




Zázu is a Draenei Hunter in her 25th season and again resides on the Dragonblight (EU) server. Zázu is a skinner and leatherworker, making light leather for Zázú’s engineering for now. Zázu tamed a Moth as her first pet, and called it Azuria (Name curtosy of Faulsey). Currently her pet is the the boss turtle from Blackfathon Deeps and renamed to Sano. She has been stuck in her room for a while now while Raeg and Kasouken have been having all the fun.



So Raeg is the sexy, Draenei Death Knight I made. With Skinning and Mining maxed out at 450, she has critical stike and stamina buffs. Although, I have managed to get her into her 80th season she’s not quite ready for Naxxramas but has been tanking some Heroics. We’ll be ripping up Naxx in no time though. =]


Ok, so my obsession has gone from Night Elves to Draenei. Draenei are just so cute though, even though their laugh is really annoying.


2 Responses

  1. Your character names are SOOOO creative 😛 x

  2. Well… don’t you just love my new Death Knight’s name? xD

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