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Hello there everyone =] I’m Kaso or OJ, whichever you prefer.

So, this is my first REAL blog, did sort of have one before but never updated it, nothing was happening in my life :p. OK, so I have started this blog a bit late into the game. Who cares?

 Basically I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since August 2008. My main character Kiaara is a Night Elf Druid and in her 80th season -grins- quite pleased with that, if I must say so myself. She’s a Restoration Druid, which basically means she’s a healer (most people will know what I’m on about I know, but bear with me :p). She has only been Resto for the past 6 seasons, levelled to 74 as Feral, which I must admit is awesome and I do miss it. (Respecced to Resto so I could heal for instances).

Resto Druid

 Resto wasn’t too bad while I was in Northrend went from Prowl, Pounce, Claw, multiple mangle, etc. to Roots, Starfall, spam wrath and spam moonfire. So I dealt loads of damage and took little :p

Resto Leveling

 As soon as I reached my 77th season, I got my flight form, which I love don’t get me wrong, but I cannot wait until I get swift flight form, this one is soooo slow :p I had to wait until 78th till I could get my Gryphon and Northrend flying though, had to make the pennies, got there in the end though. I’m about 4.6k gold from getting epic/swift flying (anyone got any spare pennies lying in their bags? xD).

Flight Form


Flying Mount in the form of a Snowy Gryphon!

Unfortunetly, I didn’t get a screenshot of when I reached my 80th season, which sucks =[ (it was an epic moment) if I remember correctly, I was in the middle of Halls of Stone -smiles as she remembers-.

Ding! Lvl 80!

 Since I reached my 80th season, I have been trying to grind reputations, get epic gear and of course take part in the festivals. =] Today for instance I got ‘Fool for Love’ the Love is in the Air achievement, which comes with a snazzy title ‘… the Love Fool’


 It’s not all work and no play though -gigges- most of the time I just mess around with my online and in real life (IRL) friends: Kazura, Faulsey, Yuanjia, Wraigth and Nessa. (I mean messing around xD). Put three very childish adults together with some Nogenflogger Elixer and Tanaris is full of little Druids running around at 60% increased speed :p


 Well, I must thank you all for reading my introductions and ramblings, I will introduce my main alts soon, since this post is long enough already :p. Oh, I bet you were all wondering “why’s she called OJ?” when you read the start. Well weren’t you? Well, Faulsey called me Kia-ora once, which is an orange juice (incase you didn’t already know, if not, you do now xD) and ever since Kazura has called me OJ and it has stuck. It has become my in-party nickname, and I like it. =]